Sarli Couture Couture Spring-summer 2013 Photos: Raffaele Soccio / L. Sorrentino

The ancient ceramics of Caltagirone with their colors and forms have inspired Carlo Alberto Terranova for the new Sarli Couture collection, evocative and at the same time elegant and sensual.

The essence is Mediterranean, solar, natural and impeccable in its ageless style.

The reference to the artistic craftsmanship of the majolica comes into life with color combinations that are full and well defined.

At the same time it gives way to a new cultural and emotional interpretation of the undying Sarli’s style with its poetical geometric lines, its provocative fullness and feminine seductions.

The striking result, the sinuous appeal, together with the geometrical bon ton, create a sumptuous image with magnificent spirals that are found throughout the whole collection without any sign of hesitation.

Bold suits and small two colored coats in mikado or shiny organza are shown for morning wear. The sleeves on cocktail dresses have a leaf-like effect and on capes, skirts and tight bustiers a new image is created by the superimposition of materials which recall ornamental terracotta pine cones.

Precious embellishments bring to mind, in style and color, the reliefs on Sicilian sculptures, thus enriching the folds of handmade couture.

Wrapped tightly around the body delicate layers of impalpable chiffon follow, with their volumes, the body movements like a second skin.

The natural image of leaf veins comes to life and turns into cross-cut ornaments on materials such as organza, shantung and crêpe de chine or into embroidered inlays with precious jais or swarovskyi crystals.

For evening wear cady and silk gazar dresses caress the body with ton sur ton inlays on two colored materials.

The colors: from pomegranate orange to the brown of Sicilian chocolate, from fluorescent yellow to carbon paper blue up to the unfailing Sarli white.

And for the grand finale, the triumph of the bride wrapped up in rustling tulle spirals with magic petals delicately uncovering the body and making it precious.

The precision of geometric lines together with the naturalness of materials and colors emphasize the sartorial tradition.

A challenge renewed every season and destined to be everlasting.