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Robert Abi Nader Couture Spring-summer 2013

Daring Paintings

This collection is a blend of delicate fabric such as mousseline and floating feathers which disappear on the back as precious stones in similar colors are embossed to the dress. These precious stones were delicately embroidered by the designer Robert Abi Nader using a three-dimensional technique which transforms each piece created by him into an art painting with prints of roses and butterflies, giving it a distinguished and independent effect. The embroideries are seen in black, dark blue, and in white colors. Its special design reveals the feminine side of a woman with a daring, but noble look, with modern and elegant cuts which reveal some body parts like the shoulders, legs, and back while the other parts are shaped as in a dream. The dresses are enhanced with bags which complement the elegance portrayed in these special appearances. The wedding dress, through its embroidered mousseline reveals, in its upper part, transparency. Its lower part portrays an independence from the white angel color as brilliant crystal stones are embroidered. To complement, a majestic crown is modeled with precious stones.

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