Abed Mahfouz Couture Spring-summer 2013

Futuristic retrospective meet the gemstone lovers

The designer Abed Mahfouz presents in Rome the new collection Haute-Couture spring/summer 2013 during the fashion week of AltaRoma.

The collection presented by Abed Mahfouz creates a magic atmosphere where the modern and the retro cohabit perfectly. The designer has enriched the gowns with precious stones and gems that give an aristocratic and sophisticated flair to women. The collection Abed Mahfouz is considered futuristic, elegant and fascinating.

The spring summer collection 2013 created by Abed Mahfouz is linked to modern fairytales “peplum mermaid”, the cuts of the dresses emphasize the silhouette of a women highlighting her femininity and beauty.

Abed Mahfouz, with this magic collection, celebrates the femininity and personality of the woman: cuts and embroideries are inspired by the spring atmosphere. Colors go from red poppy to sky way, passing by black, aloe wash green and banana cream.

Flowers applications with all kinds of sizes and shapes are accentuated by an aristocratic shining due to gems and crystals. This way Abed Mahfouz has launched the new style “Charming Chic”.

The characteristic of Abed Mahfouz magic collection is the transparency created by the use of fabrics as filé and lace, enriched by delicate embroideries.

In this edition Abed Mahfouz presents at Limited/Unlimited a purple-red dress made of chantilly lace, fully embroidered with the opaque paiellettes and a cascade of red crystals. The masterpiece created by Abed Mahfouz thanks to the combination of various styles and materials evokes an aura ultra contemporary, nevertheless the retro shape.

The “Aristocratic Gem Collection” illuminates the woman universe with its gem stones.