Rami al-Ali Couture Spring-summer 2013

An iconic novel rewritten through the arts. Where post-war society defies convention. Art deco is born, defining a new generation. Inhibitions lowered, spirits soar. Tradition gives way to indulgent lifestyles. Playful, powerful, rebellious and rich. …The Great Gatsby is back!

A period of intrigue and drama, The Great Gatsby invokes images of wealth, glamour and rebellion. Gone were the chains of obligation, as the post-war era hinted at a newfound freedom. No longer clad in repressive attire, the female silhouette became celebrated and exposed, with daring fashions created to break down barriers, and rules! A time when passion and lust overshadowed duty and responsibility... the roaring Twenties had begun!

Remastering this iconic age, the collection is expressed through a blend of distinguished hues. A neutral spectrum of shades ranging from cool grey, mocha beige and champagne bestow a vintage allure, whilst singular gowns in fluorescent hues set a vibrant tone with a modern edge. The colour palette is further enhanced through an exquisite array of fabrics, purposely selected for the distinct way they cascade down the body forming straight, graphical lines. Sheer muslin, flowing lamé and crepe marocain are all artfully manipulated to create fresh new seasonal contours.

Key elements of the period provide instant association, with a creative display of tassels and fringing playing homage to the Flapper-style of the generation. Art Deco motifs further enhance the theme, with eclectic visuals portrayed through embroidery, or structured into the silhouette itself. Sleek profiles offer a simple yet impactful angle as the less-is-more rule applies, with touches of sparkle and shimmer keeping the line playful.

The 24 piece collection perfectly captures the essence of the period whilst bringing the story to life in a twenty-first century world.