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Sandra Mansour

Sandra Mansour

Lebanese at heart, Swiss-born Sandra Mansour was brought up between Geneva and Beirut. After studying Business Management at Webster University in Geneva, Sandra Mansour enrolls at the Beaux Arts, where she can finally concentrate on her passion: drawing and painting. “ Until then I felt something was missing. I finally found it upon touching material. I printed on fabric the way others paint. I also experimented other disciplines such as fashion design, photography, jewelry-making and architecture”. With this experience gained, she returns to Lebanon and worked with Elie Saab.She joins the Haute couture and prêt-à-porter workshops. There, she works along side embroiderers, pattern-designers and the research studio. “It was a real revelation for me. I could finally mix drawing and creating, give life to the matter. I played around with it by mixing jersey, muslin, satin, silk, sequins and lace. I found my very own alphabet.” To make her desires real and to learn how to compose a collection - from mastering use of computers to handling production - Sandra Mansour moves to Paris, where, a year later, she gets her Masters in Fashion Design at the Instituto Marangoni. Back in Lebanon, where she sets up her workshop, Sandra Mansour’s inspiration is at its best: Mediterranean joie de vivre, exuberant colors, the feminine touches of her native land. A contemporary elegance set off by its simplicity.