Renato Balestra Couture Spring-summer 2013 Photos: Raffaele Soccio / L. Sorrentino

Magical, timeless, inspirational, Balestra Blue is the outright star of the Haute Couture collection for spring-summer 2013.

Renato Balestra bases the entire collection on the primary colour of his creations, to the extent of excluding all others apart from white, which enhances Balestra Blue, making it even more stunning.

A collection centred around the concept and the skilful, meticulous work of sartorial excellence. Elegance and glamour are deliberately under-stated; colour emerges as the leitmotiv of a style.

White and Balestra Blue merge and mingle in cocktail and evening dresses. At times the contrast is dramatic, imbuing the dresses with even greater fascination.

The cornflower appears almost everywhere in the collection and was chosen for its special shade of blue. It emphasises necklines and highlights petal and pointed hems as indented and jagged as its petals.

The evening draws to a close with the cornflower gown, covered entirely in exquisite embroidery in the Balestra style and in myriad shades of blue. It precedes the bride in diaphanous white tulle, ultra-romantic, frothy and sparkling, like a glass of champagne.