Rami Kadi Couture 2013 collection

In a sensual bouquet of dramatic flowers, blended beneath starry skies of lace clouds and velvet waves, up-and-coming Lebanese designer Rami Kadi has imagined his latest collection within the chapters of a baroque fairytale, bringing together the lavish, the emotional and the grandiose.

"Au Bal des Orchidées Noires" takes us back to times of couture royalty, where the 56 exquisite dresses waltz around modern times of balls and chic gatherings, delighting our minds and eyes with their mix of lace, trompe-l’oeil designs and 3D embroideries.

From dramatic lights and darks chasing shadows, to fluid twists and movement, each gown reflects Kadi’s now signature style of elegance and grace, leaving a trail of seduction and mystery behind, and keeping the castle doors open for the now anticipated spring ball.