Dina Jsr Ready-to-Wear Fall-winter 2012-2013

INFINITE GEOMETRY: A dance step, an architectural projection, a full volume pleat, a prominent yet graphically cut top. This is how Dina Jsr’s second collection comes to life. With their couture inspired silhouettes, Dina Jsr’s dresses are a tribute to the Swiss architect Mario Botta, who uses simple lines to create graphic volumes. Never-ending bricks, sharp perspectives or the lines of a cupola that project themselves upwards into an arch... All these influences can be found on a pocket or cut in the material like an abstract origami. Architectural features assert themselves on a shirtfront, underline the hips or chest, highlight a beveled profile. Different layers put the body into motion, the garments have discreet splits, are marked by siding material or even wrapped by pleats that intertwine like a sculptural spiral staircase. Laser-cut leather meets the natural softness of sober Islamic patterns, a reptile cut confronts straight yokes, a corset created like a spike echoes the softness of a split wool gabardine skirt. Silver gazaar or lamée muslin, cuts are always impeccable, marking here and there a neckline or back plunge. Colors are in a discreet turmoil: tangy yet soft all at once. A perfectly shiny peacock blue combined with a solar lemon yellow. At the very heart of this collection, dark blues, empire greens and carmine reds orchestrate with oil-like black and soft gray leathers. In fine, this second collection is the encounter between architecture and femininity, spatial construction and fluidity. Delicate lingerie details - embroidery, lace effect body-stockings and jet-black lace sidings - mix with the most asserted structured pleats.