Slava Zaitsev Ready-to-Wear Fall-winter 2012-2013

Half a century of fame

Every new work by Slava Zaitsev is even more sincere than the previous one. For fall-winter 2012-2013 season he managed once again to find the quickest path to to the spectators’ hearts, who dedicated their loud applause to his actual collection as well as his previous success.

Having toned down the brightness (not only in colours but also making silhouettes more strict), Zaitsev has made enough experiments with the round-shaped collars, and with creatively shifted buttons and fasteners. The alternative centre of the collection undoubtedly are women’s hats with massive embellishments like flowers from St. Petersburg brand ’Exclusive.’ The proportions of some of them somehow reminisce of the White Queen’s hat from John Tenial’s illustrations of Alice in Wonderland. They look eccentric and fresh, but still highly contextual. As Zaitsev himself points out, the most important thing for him is ’to be goal-oriented and never stop after achieving something.’ He has remained true to this principle for fifty years.