KhakaMa Ready-to-Wear Fall-winter 2012-2013

Authenticity passion

Traditionally one of the most energetically intense shows of the Fashion week takes place under the guidance of two duchesses of Russian style - Lena Makashova and Irina Khakamada. Accompanied by jazz music, various decorative elements are at first glance carelessly scattered over the outfit - additional skirts, alternative texture inset elements, unusual belts, gigantic buttons, long ‘pot’ hats, extended collars, strictly decorative and real pockets - in the hands of Makashova all this paradoxically shapes up as an integrally stylistic canvas.

The quote about a woman that ‘isn’t afraid to look ridiculous’ in the recent years turned into a some kind of a cliché. For that reason many of us forget the basic element of the know-how of looking ridiculous - braveness, self-confidence and the desire to look different no matter what, and for that Makashova uses wide, manly trousers or coats with a constructive spirit. Certainly, there is no approachability, sweetness or fragility, though so attractive to men, but if you are looking for a visual materialization of authenticity, then KhakaMa is the perfect choice. The participants of this designer tandem are so good at being able to see (and show to others) beyond this obvious authenticity a real affection for the feminine.