Dina Khalifé

Dina Khalifé

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Ever since she was small, she was in love with drawing. The things she enjoyed most as a little kid were buying colors pencils, papers, scissors and collecting stickers, which she still keeps in her drawer till now. She grew up in Jeddah, where she would spend most of her warm weekdays swimming in the red sea. She later moved to Lebanon to live on the coast, under the sunny days of the Mediterranean sea. There she started studying towards a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. After graduation, she worked for design agencies, and found genuine interest in projects that involved illustration. Curious to explore the possibilities of applying a drawing on different surfaces, she decided to pursue a master’s degree in textile design and surfaces. She flew to her favorite city, Madrid, and spent one of the most inspirational years of her life, discovering passion in what she was doing, perfecting her Spanish and even finding love. She later worked for Bimba & Lola in front of the Atlantic ocean where she was drawing the scarves and designing accessories. She missed the warm Mediterranean sea and decided to come back to her homeland and start her own line of accessories. She finds great inspiration in the sea and her drawings are always colorful and warm, influenced by the presence of the sea and the sun. Her first collection was released at the Starch boutique in Saifi in December 2011 consisting mainly of scarves, which she loves as objects that you tie around your neck and give you the feeling of warmth. Also the collection includes silk shirts and jewelry items.

About the Brand

Dina Khalifé is a premium accessory and textile brand that was founded in 2011. Based in Beirut and Madrid, the brand has its roots in intricate design and illustration that extend right across the textile spectrum; from silk, cotton and wool scarves through clothes and jewelry. Dina Khalifé was created through Rabih Kayrouz’ Starch Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Beirut. Every year, Starch gives a chosen few emerging Lebanese designers the opportunity to develop their collections. In 2012, the brand established on its own and has points of sales in more than five countries.