Poutsovit Ready-to-Wear Fall-winter 2012-2013

If fashion could be divided into weight classes, then Lilia Poustovit would be a champion in the half-evening middleweight, deliberately avoiding too loose textured dresses for the occasion, but bringing her work on silk crystals of everyday femininity to unimaginable heights that are appropriate both in the daytime at the office and in the evening at a café or a club. The new collection has all the elements for which we love Poustovit - scrupulous selection of colour combinations, precise cut and also a play of prints, this time recreated around the shape of the traditional beret of the African Massai tribe.

Talking about one of the most dynamically and successfully developing designer brands in the former Soviet Union, one can’t help but mention the recently-launched second line L.P. by Poustovit which is now available for potential clients in Ukraine and Russia.