Ronald Ready-to-Wear “L’heure bleue”, S/S 2013

The French expression “l’heure Bleue” (The Blue Hour) is the period of twilight, where day and night converge and the skyline glows with a brilliant array of hues - blues, oranges, pinks, yellows, and whites. It is also an hour where the small creatures of dawn and dusk emerge, (beetles, crickets, fireflies…) creating the familiar melodies of nature at sunrise and sundown.

Fittingly, these aspects of color, harmony, and hidden creatures, feature strongly in Ronald’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. We find them in his chosen palette of striking fuchsias and oranges, dusk and powder blues, off whites and soft creams, and of course the staple black. Designs focus on fluidity and draping, with Ronald’s signature structured detailing. Embellishments are highlighted through a play of discreet and bold firefly and beetle motifs, in laser cut leather. The transparency of silks, tulles, and chiffons is combined with opaque silk cottons, jerseys, crepes, and lamés, finished with fabric covered pearl beads along trims and collars.

As a collection, L’Heure Bleue conjures romance and glamour, with nostalgia for the French and/or Lebanese Riviera of the 60s. In terms of design and creativity, it is one of Ronald Abdala’s strongest collections to date, and bears his signature trademarks – from elegant draping and subtle structured cuts, to edgy forms and themes of embellishments.