Basil Soda Ready-to-Wear Spring-summer 2013

The slender, graphic, ultra-feminine silhouettes of the Spring 2013 collection are calling women to order! Yield nothing in terms of femininity; be bold, be playful – transcend the garment to make it into an accessory of the body! Whether short or long, geometry stands out with open skirts, fluidity is conveyed through soft, supple materials, and the body is revealed in cuts that emphasise the shoulders, the carriage of the head and endlessly long legs. The collection spotlights an obvious intention to work the garment on a body that is now modelled and sculpted, constantly expressing volume and movement. Dresses glide, sensual and conquering; flounces make a startling appearance; colours create a dazzling look with reflecting silver, sky blue and deep black… Dresses are dotted with prints and embroideries that structure their form and delineate the central axis of balance. With cut-outs, transparencies and a mix of lengths, feminine daring equals elegance and no mistake!