Bashar Assaf Ready-to-Wear “Open Heart”, S/S 2013 Photos: Tarek Moukaddem Starch Foundation

The heart is the human body’s nucleus. It renews and nourishes our physical existence. However, this very organ is also subject to shock, tragedy, and ailment. From these charged concepts, the core of Bashar Assaf’s S/S 2013 collection was developed. The colors, volumes and shapes utilized throughout the collection were a result of thorough investigation of the heart’s anatomy. The choices of fabrics, and the textures they produced when mixed, were also influenced by heart tissue muscles. Furthermore, the element that is most recurrent is the intricate pattern which was developed by taking sections of different parts of the heart and combining them to form a visual that is at once intriguing due to its surgical reference and contemporary in the way it wraps around the garments. The same way a heart goes through various stages in life, Assaf’s collection is a journey that is at moments smooth and sombre while at others complex and unsettling.