Ella Zahlan Ready-to-Wear Fall-winter 2013-2014

A collection of trendy couture, so fascinating, inspirational, heart-touching, and eye-catching, presented by Designer Ella Zahlan for fall-winter 2013-2014 collection, where elegance meets magic to weave a decent world offered to dreamy women as a gift.

The colors of love make up the couture collection sewn by designer Ella Zahlan using delicate and smooth fabric as chiffon, satin, tulle, lace, crepe and brocade, adding to its splendor and attractiveness… Besides, the captivating mermaid cut has built up to the attractiveness and self-confidence of women appearance as it reflects women beauty in a decent manner of seduction… However, the red color used ensures the impression of kindled love; the white color adds unlimited purity; and the black color, illuminated by the brilliant and shiny embroidery, embraces night breaths to the extremes with the overwhelming romance it suggests.

The collection varied between long dresses and short cocktail, where embroidery appeared on the breast region, uniquely weaved with raised fabric; and a white dress appeared in two kinds of fabric, woven in two layers at the bottom… As to the two cocktail dresses, they were distinguished for their decent lustrous faces, and one of which appeared charming in its bronze and black colors, the fact that made the entire collection of designer Ella Zahlan magnificent and special clamored with the elegance of modern women.