Rami Al Ali Couture Fall-winter 2012-2013 Cover photo: Pixelformula

The Fall-Winter 2012-2013 is inspired by the baroque period, in particular the ornament and details which have been used lavishly to reflect the indulgence of the lifestyle of that particular period. The details are manipulated and simplified to modernize it to the current time period. The core of the collection is visible through the texture or embroidery details or a simple standing piece of brocade. We are trying to create lightness and richness at the same time, lots of depths, 3D effects and graphics in the structure of the gowns. Shades vary from vintage silver to champagne, different shades of gold to bronze, fuchsia and purple. The fabrics used are tulle, lace, muslin, brocade and a special metallic tafta.