Iris Van Herpen Couture Fall-winter 2012-2013 Photos: Michel Zoeter

Iris’ inspiration is yet another scientific experiment; It is drawn from a project lead by architect Philip Beesley called Holozolic Ground. His almost living sculptures and environments suggest that a future city could operate as a living being. Beesley collaborates with people from many different disciplines including Rachel Armstrong who uses concepts such as “living buildings” and “self-repairing architecture”; architecture that is self- sustainable and reacts to its changing environment. Iris see’s these possibilities of living technology as a future where design, art, architecture and even fashion will be radically changed: they will not constantly be newly made and after discarded, but they will become human creations that are partly alive and therefore able to change and able to improve constantly. The materials Iris applied to this collection are: mirrored copper sheeting, metallic coated stripes, UV-curable Polymer, silicone lace, Swarovski crystals, acrylic transparent sheets and Ecco leather. Iris also introduced a technique referred to as ’Mammoth Stereo lithography’ which refers to a method involving 3D printing. This 3Dprinted process is built slice by slice from bottom to top, in a vessel of polymer that hardens when struck by a laser beam. The colors of this collection are: black, dark red, dark blue, metallic aubergine and transparent amber. Iris’ Hybrid-Holism collection was produced in collaboration with architect Julia Koerner for the 3D printed dress, Heaven Tanudiredja for the clutches, United Nude for the shoes and Irene Bussemaker for the mask. The collection is in partnership with 3D print company Materialise and Swarovski.

look 1
Layered blue plastic sheet coat
look 2
Swarovski beaded short gold bodysuit with tentacles
look 3
Burgundy catsuit made from calf hair and metallic coated strips
look 4
Layered black plastic sheet top with hidden sleeves with layered black plastic sheet pencil skirt
look 5
Strapless layered plastic black sheet dress
look 6
Metallic champagne Ecco leather snake dress
look 7
Dress from silver chains braided with leather, connected by metallic aubergine strips
look 8
Dress from layered black plastic strips
look 9
Dress from aubergine metallic coated strips and skin colored lace with silicon details
look 10
Voluminous red copper dress from metallic coated strips
look 11
3D printed dress from a polymer material
look 12
Short dress made from copper strips