Milia M Ready-to-Wear Spring-summer 2014

Milia Maroun, the designer behind Lebanon-based label Milia M, brings her sense of comfort, ease and femininity to a spring-summer 2014 collection that gently draws on the heritage of embroidery as a hint of inspiration.

“I never like to do anything traditional in too obvious a way,” explains Maroun, whose exploration into embroidery plays out through the garments themselves rather than the decoration they might display. It’s through this sense of desirable control that Maroun translates traditional handcraft in a pure and uncomplicated way: dynamic shapes, less-is-more decoration and splash of colours – tangerine, lilac and silver.

As ever, accessibility and modernity are at the core of the collection – here through menswear suiting, jumpsuits inspired by workwear, herringbone fabrications and reversible items which provide an urban practicality, while transparent tulle and long dresses in sober and fluid silhouettes create her signature sense of empowerment.

Born and brought up in Beirut, Maroun studied fashion design at Esmod in Paris before becoming a lingerie designer and then subsequently launching her own label in 2000. In doing so she has become a pioneering female fashion designer from the Middle East – choosing to start directly in the domain of ready-to-wear over couture. Her aesthetic is one underpinned by a sense of free spirit, intelligence and a sexy humility while remaining sophisticated and contemporary.