Dough Ready-to-Wear “Andalucía & the Moors”, S/S 2014

‘The Moor influence on Spanish fashion is the starting point of inspiration for this collection’ explains designer Dima Kassis. ‘The Moors, originating in Africa – particularly Morocco, in their attempt to conquer Spain and turn the country Islamic, left a significant influence on Spanish fashion’

This season the Alhambra Islamic palaces, built for the last Muslim Emirs in Spain, become the setting for this collection. As Moorish poets would describe it as ‘a pearl set among emeralds’ - the Alhambra is a testament to the Moorish culture in Spain and the skills of Muslim, Jewish, and Christian artisans and craftsmen of their era. Through the collection designer Dima Kassis offers a multi-cultural woman, tapping into influences of both western and eastern cult garments in a modern contemporary key.

‘The muse for this season was that of a Moor ruler’s wife and her fashion sense in todays day and age residing in the Alhambra’ explains the designer. ‘The richness and beauty of the Alhambra and what it stands for as a cultural mix of religions and influences, translated into the Spring Summer 2014 collection’.

The collection this season brings forth a large emphasis on capes, a key fashion piece made famous by Spain and its Moor influence. It unfolds into an exploration of both voluminous garments and structured silhouettes designed through a palette of primarily white’s, and pearl beige’s- meant to reflect the ‘pearl set among emeralds’ the Alhambra was described as. Mustard looks in crepe de chine and yellow silk satin veils complete the collection into an ethereal feel. A print developed by the designer this season gives the illusion of a laser cut perforated piece, in a modern interpretation to reflect what the exquisitely carved wall wooden frames of the Alhambra represent.

The Spring Summer 2014 marks the designers fourth collection, and with it an introduction to accessories. Bold, dramatic pieces worked in different shades of bronze and gold metal, and Swarovski crystals, meant to complete the look the designer envisioned for her muse this season. “The collection is the epitome of an immensely rich culture and heritage, and with it we tried to capture the realness of women of such standing relative to today’s day and age. Yes the collection was born in Andalucía, but it grows to serve as an international proposal to elegance and beauty relative to the 21st century’.