Lefranc Ferrant Ready-to-Wear Spring-summer 2010

“Conventional” elements are picked here in order to extract them from their common universe and context and to bring them into new attitudes, functions, and logic.

: As a general inspiration, the attitude of Mr. Hulot (Jacques Tati) in his Mac. Transform this universal rain garment into a sophisticated dress. Keep some simplicity and bring in a new utility.

LINES: Soft and clear constructions, narrow-round shoulders, tight waist and curved hips. Generous volumes coming from “modified” clothes. “Playtime” embroideries.

DESIGN: Generous overcoats, omnipresent dresses, short jackets, almost gored skirts, “Zouaves” trousers… Exaggerated details, enormous pockets on smooth pants, bustier collar…

COLORS: Neutral and contrasted in order to highlight the cut and the balance;
 Sand, navy, smoke, ink to reply to the light of a “Neptune” blue and the softness of a powder gold and a nude pink.