Barbara Bui Ready-to-Wear Spring-summer 2010

Free-spirited and luminescent, she refuses the gloom. Her rock chick nonchalance is dressed in brightly coloured clothing. Exuberant and happy-go-lucky, she can’t stay still and claims her zest for life. Flower Rock and Arty Pop embroidery invades her androgynous chic wardrobe. Party-perfect trousers and jackets shake it up for a look that is part self-conscious sophisticate, part laid-back rebel. Anything goes - as Victorian lace, Kerouac-style worn brown leather and chain mail is mixed with floral prints, simple white cotton fabrics, snakeskin and high octane punk leather. Somewhere between Woodstock and the Palace, her wardrobe is a patchwork remix of pop culture and party girl. She dares to mimic the humour of Ziggy Stardust, evokes the sensuality of Veruhska and harnesses the lightness of touch of Vanessa Paradis. Her obsessions? Chain bracelets and necklaces. Her style? Disco stilettos, punk boots and sexy rock sandals. Her nonchalent accessories? Woodstock-style bags with lashings of luxe. The bullets in her armour? Precious mini bags that shine like jewels.