Céline Ready-to-Wear Spring-summer 2009

“Tribal’tropolis” : “A single moment, the same world but the existence of radically different parallel realities. My inspiration for this collection comes from tribal traditions, their clothing and ornaments. I wanted to translate them to our urban world, to make opposition complicity .” Ivana Omazic

Colors : Tuareg blue, ash gray, black sand, white, acid yellow, metal grey, scarab blue, ruby red, violet.

Shoes : Carved out wedge-heel sandals recall the graphic lines of traditional African homes, “Ndébélé”. High-heeled sandals with leather or satin overlay, Plexiglas heel and notched gum platform.

Handbags : The House’s new bag is decorated with reversed stitching to enhance its relief. Mat or shiny python, crocodile, mineral lizard or embroidered with pearls. Its hardware is a combination of metal, horn or Plexiglas.

Accessories : Torque necklace Tube necklace in Plexiglas and silver Classic pearl necklace Articulated belt in Plexiglas and metal Baguette cuff bracelets Bangle bracelets