Alessandro Dell’Acqua Ready-to-Wear Spring-summer 2009

From white to black, passing from faded shades of tea colour, to very light blue, to skin tones, to elephant grey, to dark green through to a determined total black, Alessandro Dell’Acqua for Spring/Summer 2009 dissolves inspirations and references in to 37 looks, each one characterised by a balance of weight and combinations of materials which are often contrasting, to create an effect of fragile lightness. 

From the day to nightwear, every outfit combines suggestions and light impalpable contrasts like the fabrics that make them up. The knitwear, which is worked until it acquires the lightness of chiffon or simply tricoted, tulle is used to provide a double layer for shirts with a masculine cut and long garment-dyed cotton lint dresses and again the faded duchesse, satin or silk habotai.

The Collection reveals a soft and sophisticated touch particularly in the workmanship, which is often entirely finished by hand and in the choice of materials more than the forms, which are intentionally sexy and basic.

Jewel skirts worn with severe soldier-shirts; T-dresses where the ribbon is transformed into an embroidery; pleated dresses with gilets and ethno-tricot culottes which, with splits and tulle details, subtly recall the traditional Hellenic uniforms; wafer-thin lingerie petticoats, the sexy detail of the collection, can even be found beneath the t-shirt dresses which conceal their simple line thanks to precious fringes of silk, feathers and crystals, to be worn with the military walk of an ultra feminine décolleté and boots with a clean line, often in the same fabric as the dresses.