Christian Dior Couture Official pictures, S/S 2017
“Esprit de Changement” - Black wool and satin tuxedo-style trouser suit, hooded Bar jacket. Swallow mask in crinoline.
“Séduction d’Esprit” - Black wool suit, jacket with rear storm flap and satin inverted-pleat pant.
“Ombragé” - Black wool and satin stole jacket and tuxedo-style jumpsuit. Butterfly mask in crinoline.
“Poliphileuse” - Black three-piece evening suit, point d’esprit and lace blouse. Daddy-long-legs mask in crinoline.
“Hypnotique” - Black Bar trouser suit, jacket with double rear peplum. Moth mask in crinoline.
“Leonor” - Black whool Redingote. Raven mask.
“Thésée” - Architectural satin tailored topcoat and inverted-pleat pant. Dragonfly mask in crinoline.
“Transformation sublime” - Black suit jacket with slit and pleated back and pleated pant, after an archival Dior design. Fly mask in crinoline.
“Rêverie infinie” - Ivory wool crêpe bustier dress. Profile feather headdress.
“Souvenir du Passé” - Ivory organza bustier dress with Chantilly lace inlay. Feathered bandeau in cotton gauze.
“Fantasme Onirique” - Ecru wool crêpe puff-sleeve tunic dress. Lacquered feather tiara.
“Itinéraire Onirique” - Black wool and white satin cape ensemble, tailored bustier and black pant. Point d’esprit lily-of-the-valley embroidered bodysuit. Bat mask in crinoline.
“Mystère et Songe” - Black coat dress with lily-of-the-valley sprigs and pleated chiffon dress. Punk burnt feather coiffure.
“Polytechnique de Dior” - Black double-faced cashmere trouser suit, jacket inspired by the uniform of the École Polytechnique, after a Monsieur Dior original. Fontange of felt feathers.
“Baiser rouge” - Dior red silk satin quilted dress. Tiara in feathers.
“Métamorphique” - Black pleated silk faille dramatic hooded coat.
“Rêve infinie” - Ecru double peplum pleated organza Bar jacket and black sunray-pleated pant. Lily-of-the-valley garland.
“Voyage de l’âme” - Black wool Bar jacket, pleated peplum and pleated skirt. The Bird.
“Double Rêve” - Ecru cape-sleeve Bar jacket with sunray-pleated peplum and black sunray-pleated skirt.
“Tarot” - Ecru silk taffeta dress with hand-painted and embroidered tarot motifs. (1400 hours of work.) Tiara in feathers.
“Délicatesse Nocturne” - Black chiffon and point d’esprit sunray-pleated dress, pleated panels knotted at the shoulders. Feathered bandeau in cotton gauze.
“Constellations” - Black velvet and ecru taffeta ball gown, hand-painted and embroidered with astrological motifs. (1700 hours of work.)
“Daphnée” - Black velvet hooded cape, navy and black pleated dress.
“Étoile filante” - Navy silk velours dress, with a hand-painted gold star.
“Solstice d’Été” - Embroidery-sprinkled tulle bustier dress. (1600 hours of work.) Constellation crown in rose gold.
“Arachnéide” - Bronze silk satin bustier dress with spidery motif embroidery. Spider web veiling fascinator.
“Souvenir d’Été” - Dress in a crescendo of pleated and dégradé taupe to straw-colored tulle, embroidered with summer symbols.
“Mémoire d’Été” - Sage, cactus and olive green dégradé layered tulle dress with herbal-inspired poppy embroidery. Angry dragonfly.
“Jardin baroque” - Spring green sunray-pleated wool crêpe coat dress with asymmetric collar.
“Broussaille” - Ebony tulle dress with raffia, thread and bead embroideries. (1600 Hours of work.)
“Essence d’Herbier” - Ecru fringe cocktail dress, floral raffia and thread embroidery derived from a Monsieur Dior original. (1900 hours of work.) Hedgerow headdress in silk flowers and corn.
“Tyche” - Almond green silk tulle dress sprinkled with four-leaf clover embroidery. Diorissimo bouquet in silk flowers.
“Caducité” - Dior gray lace tiered ball gown. A perfect rose.
“Souvenir d’Hiver” - Icy pastel dégradé tulle dress embroidered with winter symbols. Frozen tree fashioned from ostrich spines.
“Sommeil des Fleurs” - Black point d’esprit over salmon pink tulle ball gown, herbal-inspired silk wild rose embroidery. Profile feather headdress.
“Coré” - Dress in black point d’esprit over antique rose tulle, silky pansy herbal-inspired embroidery.
“Souvenir d’Automne” - Coral dégradé tulle cowl-neck ball gown embroidered with autumnal symbols. Hurricane of tulle leaves.
“Dance des Fleurs” - Powdery tulle capelet and dress with spring floral embroideries.
“Souvenir de Printemps” - Powder pastel dégradé tulle bustier dress and modesty, embroidered with springtime symbols. Flying feather menagerie.
“Brise de mémoires” - Sand-colored pleated tulle dress with spring-themed herbal-inspired embroidery. Fête Champêtre garland in silk flowers raffia & bees.
“Renaissance” - Greige tulle dress embroidered with silver branches. Tiara in feathers.
“Allée fleurie de Mémoires” - Champagne tulle bustier dress with a dégradé of antique silver hand-embroidered little flowers. (1700 hours of work.) Tiara in feathers.
“Sirius” - Black sunray-pleated tulle ball gown with large navy velvet star.
“Croissant de Lune” - Black over nude pleated tulle ball gown, black velvet moon.
“Parcours d’Esprit” - Black and pink tulle decolleté jumpsuit with silver losange embroideries. Feather carnation bandeau.
“Polia” - Black silk velvet, lace and point d’esprit dramatic dress. Punk burnt feather coiffure.
“Mémoire de Printemps” - Black silk velvet and point d’esprit cowl-neck bustier dress, spring garden flowers herbal-inspired embroidery. Diadème nuages passant devant la lune.
“Hymne aux Muguets” - Black point d’esprit and nude tulle bustier dress sprinkled with black lily-of-the-valley sprigs.
“Roncier de Mûres” - Black and soft pink ball gown, late-summer embroidery with blackberries and small feathered stars. Tiara in feathers.
“Éclair d’Or” - Pleated gold lamé dress veiled in black. Golden feather totem.
“Rose des Vents” - Antique rose lamé veiled bustier dress with Grand Bal embroidered straps. Tiara in feathers.
“Daedalus” - Feathered dress and vest ensemble with pastel flounces. Black lacquered feathered tiara.
“Mémoire d’Hiver” - Black to blue dégradé tulle ball gown, silk rose and morning glory herbal-inspired embroidery. Angry black bird.
“Après le déluge” - Navy to sky blue dégradé tulle bustier dress, Grand Bal embroidered straps. Tiara in ombré feathers.
“Jardin Fleuri” - Sage green tulle bustier dress with Impressionist garden-effect feather embroidery. (2200 hours of work.) Herbacious fontange in silk flowers.
“New Junon” - Pastel fan-pleated tulle dress. Angry black swallow.
“Labyrinthe de Fleurs” - Soft pink flounced tulle bustier dress, herbal-inspired old rose embroidery.
“Fil d’Aryane” - Pale pink degradé organza cowl-neck dress. Posy of silk flowers.
“Sidera” - Powder pink tulle draped dress over silver gem-embroidered jumpsuit. Cecil Beaton coronet of ostrich spines.