Alexis Mabille Couture S/S 2017, official pictures
Black corolla bustier in lace and veiling with matching cassimere trousers. Diadem belt.
Turquoise shirt in satin and lace with organza ruffle collar. Purple cassimere trousers. Diadem belt.
Ruffled fuchsia negligée in organza with coordinating satin belt and corseted lace bodysuit.
Mandarin bustier dress in crêpe with diadem-embroidered gores.
Oxblood bustier sheath with flounces of organza caught by strands of diamonds.
Purple column gown with asymmetric ruffled neckline. Matching suede gloves, diadem belt.
Emerald evening sheath in crêpe, diadem sleeves of crosshatched ribbons embroidered with emeralds and diamonds; cape.
Royal blue sheath in crêpe, corolla neckline embroidered with iridescent rocaille petals.
“Bridal veil” dress in black illusion tulle embroidered with crystals. Worn over a corseted bodysuit in nude crêpe.
White sheath in shimmering lace with diadem neckline and veiled back. White satin belt.
Long dress in white mantilla lace embroidered with crystal and caught up by strands of diamonds. Worn with a corseted sheath in turquoise satin with jewel embroidery.
Long, golden yellow dress in crêpe embroidered with jet and white baguettes, jewel straps.
Long, multicolored bayadere dress in lace and satin with incrustations in gold, black and white lace.
Turquoise negligée in illusion tulle with front bow detail, worn over a corseted bodysuit in gold- and platinum-colored lace.
Azure “bubble” dress in gathered illusion tulle embroidered with strands of diamonds.
Evening coat in white mantilla lace with satin tuxedo collar, worn with a t-shirt dress in white crêpe.
Blouse in illusion tulle, worn over a corseted bodysuit in black duchesse satin. Coral tuxedo skirt in crêpe and satin.
Lingerie dress with bow at neckline, in a millefeulle of pale yellow crêpe and illusion tulle embroidered with strass.
“Diadem and veil” dress, in black tulle, lace and crystal.
Oxblood evening gown in illusion tulle with ruffled lace sleeves. Worn with a matching lingerie bustier dress with lace incrustations.
Lingerie shirtdress in violet crêpe and fluorescent organza with lace incrustations.
Nude dress in crêpe with thin straps, with iridescent rocaille petal embroidery, sun-pleated illusion tulle and incrustations of turquoise lace.
Fluorescent pink evening dress in duchesse satin with shirt bodice, turquoise and violet bands, and flounced skirt in multicolored bayadere.
White slip dress in illusion tulle embroidered with white and crystal arabesques, with colored ribbon embellishments at seams. Corseted bodysuit with iridescent embroidery.