Shiatzy Chen Ready-to-Wear Fall-winter 2009-2010 Photos: Shoji Fujii

For thousands of years, the Silk Road has played a critical role in transporting precious goods from the East to the West. It gradually shows the beauty and glamour of Chinese history, thereby continuing this mission of bringing culture and art to the modern world. Design director Shiatzy Chen, stunned by the glorious Tang Dynasty and artistic height of Tun Huang, inspired by the mystic Moon-tooth Spring blue and solemn desert colors. This season’s fashion outlook has been surrounded by imaginations of the key motif “The Road of the Poetic”.

SHIATZY CHEN’s women collection featured multi-layered designs representing Silk Road traders. By adding gorgeous colors as lapis lazuli, granet, deer skin, dark grayish blue, cinnabar, dull moss green, dark blue, deep orange, sapphire blue and dark grey to inverted trapezoid and box silhouettes of the 50’s. In addition, there are also styles such as Tang Dynasty’s build-up waistline and Chinese interlace collars which recreate the subversion traditional figures by adding rich imageries, such as flowing willows, waves of flower and floating oasis to represent classy lifestyles of Tang and the modern images of women.