Junko Shimada Ready-to-Wear “Angels and Dust”, S/S 2010

These dominatrix of the desert came out like hell on wheels - screeching sex appeal. Commanding our attention - in their towering spike heels.

Geometric and organic; Macramé ponchos and detailing, tribal sand-colored beaded suède duster riding coats and jackets, abstract-print oversized knits... Rich textures and sensuality.

Glam rock elegance, black and gold leather jodhpurs, spider web japanese lace with free flowing suède fringe, black patent leather figure hugging dresses and bustiers, psychedelic-printed silks, accessorized with gold coil and plexi cube necklaces...striking flashes of decadence.

Earthy and urban all rolled into one, this collection is as raw and unbridled as it is sophisticated and luxurious, ingredients of the Junko Shimada woman.