Zuhair Murad Couture “Winter rhapsody”, F/W 2009-2010

The fall/winter collection for Zuhair Murad titled “Winter Rhapsody” is inspired by all-white winter magical and mystical scenery. It has child-like candor and deep sensuality. In the early morning hours we marvel at the arrival of winter as leaves of organza quietly fall over elegiac dresses in graceful order. Embroidered on airy fabrics like tulles and lace, they lend a sense of natural flow to each dress. Light grey, icicle white, champagne and frosted almond, all contrasted by metallic threads and finishes. Deep purple shades fade to soft lilac and faded turquoise. Dresses are soft and fluffy but something in the sky is moving fast, like a nimbus ready to burst. Swarovski crystals shaped as heavy teardrops are embroidered on satins and chiffons, giving the dresses a dramatic, dimensional sheen; treatments at the bust are rigid and elegantly constrained, set against ethereal gowns; Lurex and metallic applications highlight the buzzing electricity in the air. Embroidery is elegant and majestic under dense grey, deep, dark silver skies. Flashes of light erupt in a pitch black night from dresses of liquid velvet, whose rich glossiness recalls an elegant reflecting piece of antique jewelry. Imposing silk gowns in skin tone shades seem to offer the body an out of the wilderness experience, exposing the flesh to the storm, both in a vulnerable and voluptuous way.