Randa Salamoun Couture Fall-winter 2010-2011

“Moments” out of time

Lebanese designer Randa Salamoun has mobilized time for modern women and their multifaceted personality shown in the various designs of F/W 2010-2011 “Moments” collection. Randa Salamoun has presented, for the third time, her collection during fashion week in Rome.

The fabrics of the gowns are, as usual, artistically unique. Randa Salamoun’s ability to blend colors and create drawings, accompanied by a refined sewing technique, were indeed the strong point of that fashion show. Moreover, the different shades expressed the multidimensional aspect of time: black and white for the fusion of day and night; gold and silver to bring out the luxurious aspect of the collection and symbolize the durability of precious metals facing time; dark red, shiny metallic blue and bottle-green, all shades included, are warm colors granting the collection lasting modernism. The fabrics used were individually created and including, amongst others, threads of silk and cotton. Although each design is characterized by its own type of fabric, shine remains a common factor.

“Moments” includes two wedding gowns, as well as several evening long and short dresses… this royal collection was built upon the concept of unified diversity", that of a woman with unique personality that dresses differently each time, depending on the occasion.