Noor Fares Accessories Galactic Garden

Galactic Garden is a special concept and Pop Up store that was launched on the 5th December 2012 at London’s Shizaru gallery created by friends and jewellery designers Eugenie Niarchos and Noor Fares.

The Pop Up ran from the 5th December 2012 until February 2013 and showcased Galactic Garden, the first collaborative collection between Eugenie and Noor alongside their personal collections under their eponymous labels: Eugenie’s very first Venyx’s “Reptilia” and Noor Fares’ “Geometry 101”.

Merging both their styles and design philosophies, the collaboration consists of 2 pairs of Galactic Wing earrings and 4 unique rings: Orion, Sine, Helios and Astrion. These creations combine the futuristic aesthetic found in Eugenie’s work with the geometric elements inspired by Noor’s latest collections.

Inspired by eclectic beauty and following their passion for jewellery, Noor and Eugenie have conceived Galactic Garden as the first in an on-going collaboration, creating unique accessories and precious objects.