Lee Jean Youn Couture Fall-winter 2011-2012 Photos: Rémy Roummarasy

Tuesday, 5 July, 2011, at BACKSLASH GALLERY, Paris. The Collection is inspired by Alberto Giacometti, Swiss sculptor and painter, which was best known for his attenuated sculptures of solitary figures. Lee sees the esprit in the works of Giacometti and reflects it through his own perception of how Alberto Giacometti would have looked at his work. Unassuming colors of pink, black and white quietly dissolve into these lean and long silhouettes against the background. The elaborate adornment is unnecessary which everything is then received with simplicity.

The collection titled 얼 refers to the esprit of man. Massless and weightless form creates a clean and neat collection with materials like satin, organza and high-tech fabric. Lee resembles Giacometti’s thinking on rendering an object by eliminating the excess. What is left becomes the esprit of beauty.