Jean Louis Sabaji Couture Fall-WInter 2013-2014 Photos: Rabee Younes

Millions of years ago, Planet earth was totally covered with water. Lands only occupied 1 to 2 percent of its surface. Back in that Era aquatic creatures were the only habitants of our planet, they had the skin and scales of fish and reptiles which enabled them to survive underwater.

Earth passed through many changes and evolutions throughout the centuries: Water level started to decrease and land started to emerge on the surface of the earth. This led many creatures to leave water and live on land.

The universe is constantly changing: nowadays floods, tsunamis and all kinds of natural disasters often make the news. It is as if we are going back to that Era where Earth was completely covered with water, an Era when we will all go back to living underwater.

In my Fall-Winter 2014 collection and through my designs i am trying to give us back the skin and fins we lost through evolution in order for us to survive underwater.

All the collection is inspired by underwater creatures. Fabrics, embroidery, material work, shapes and details are all inspired by these majestic and unusual creatures living underwater. This time, I even integrated silicone to give the feeling of the reptile skin which is hard,waterproof and rubbery.