Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Ready-to-Wear Fall-winter 2012-2013

Drawing inspiration from 1970’s horse-riding and the sexuality and frivolity of Guy Bourdin’s aesthetics, Riccardo Tisci keeps on playing with the feminine and the masculine. This season, he projects himself into the future whilst also looking in the past ending up revisiting the best style moments of the 1970’s - from colors to shapes.

Taking on Haute Couture savoir-faire and techniques fused with street style elements, the collection further what had been introduced with the last pre-Fall and men’s show. Going back to darkness with a different maturity, Riccardo Tisci is mixing black with a rich color palette of brown, chocolate, purple, green, red, pink and orange. Accessories show oversize earrings looking like horse blinders, scarves around the neck, second-skin gloves and high riding boots.

Models are young and fresh with many new faces and 13 walk in exclusivity this season.