Ella Zahlan Couture “Michael Jackson”, S/S 2011

Designer Ella Zahlan drew a new perspective of the world of pop through her new haute couture Spring/Summer 2011 collection entitled “King of Pop”. Ella Zahlan was inspired by the unique style of late Michael Jackson to display her collection at the «Teatro alla villa comunale», in sicily, one of the film sets of “The Godfather”. Convinced of the life originality of Michael Jackson’s costumes – and music – the Lebanese designer presented her collection as the world was getting ready to commemorate one year to the King of Pop’s death. Her designs were young and practical while matching with women’s wintery taste. This collection, a tribute to the King of Pop, was built according to his dynamic image. Swarovski crystals, studs shone all over the dresses and ensembles, looking extremely flashy and impressive. The woman, according to Ella Zahlan, is quite charming and stylish in her clothes; thriving to revive Michael Jackson’s style, the stylist also added to each of her designs a thin piping matching its color. The later were introduced in silver, gold and bronze. The fashion show was completed by a unique wedding dress, somehow different from the Michael Jackson style, but carrying the precision and shine of Ella Zahlan.