Elie Saab store Accessories The Dubai Mall – Fashion Avenue, Level 1 – Dubai

Elie Saab is opening its first flagship store in the Gulf Region in Dubai’s prestigious Dubai Mall. With its 267 sqm2 in total area, the new flagship store located at the Luxury Circle in Fashion Avenue will reinforce the designer’s presence in the UAE making his creations more accessible to the region’s sophisticated local and International shoppers, showcasing ready‐to‐wear lavish day and eveningwear dresses, shoes, bags and fine accessories from the designer’s latest collections.

Elie Saab’s unique designs attracted along the years, International clientele, royalties and celebrities and its global expansion and opening of stores in major cities and capitals around the world such as in Beirut, Paris, London and now Dubai has been essential to meet the increased demand on the brand and is part of the group strategy to increase its worldwide retail presence with new stores opening in major cities around the world.

The interior of the new Dubai store was designed by Architect Chakib Richani, echoing the themes of the three other boutiques. Elie Saab himself who has a passion for architecture and interior designs drawn the best of his creative sensibilities, reflecting his signature element that is defined by a fusion of simplicity, luxury and modernism.