Dries Van Noten Ready-to-Wear Fall-winter 2010

The soundtrack of the show was composed exclusevely by Malcolm McLaren fro Dries Van Noten. The main elements are: Love Suite from Vertigo, ‘The Building’ from The Mekons (Acapella), Appenzeller Zauerli (Swiss alpine folk music, yodelling with cowbells), Roxy Club, London 1977 ambience, ‘In Love’ from The Raincoats, Burundi Beat (Tribal drums from Africa).

Quotes from Malcolm McLaren: “My intention was to bring back those forgotten desires, using Elmer Bernstein’s brilliant score and love theme from Vertigo to embrace and wrap an unforgettable, emotional and tragic plea performance of Mark White’s vocal. The juxtapositionof both Punk vocal and Hitchcockian theme suddenly makes the material feel completely contemporary”.

“The Appenzeller Zauerli is a small, tiny enclave hidden in a corner of Switzerland, where time has been forgotten, where they still use the Juilian calender and, therefore celebrate New Years Eve on the 13th of January, by wandering from house to house in this Alpine outback with giant cowbells strapped to their backs, singing without words”.

“The Roxy Club brings us to Earth and introduces a little miracle of a song called ‘In Love’ by an all girl group, The Raincoats. It’s beauty lies in its unadulterated, unproduced, amateur performance. It is truly a heartfelt moment for me and those that know this classic, cult track”.