Christian Lacroix Fall-winter 2011-2012

“The Mix and the Match”, from Prevert’s poetic inventory to freedom and creativity of current blogs, but essentially the founding gesture (movement) of our House. Here is what inspires “Migratory Boys” for this winter 2011-2012. Parisians, New-Yorkers or Londoners, cosmopolitan nomads, wrapped up in their “sleeping bag coat”, one day in a loving escapade on Beauduc’s beaches, next day, their shoulder bag of leather struck by Camargue cross, over the shoulder, they fly away for Tangier, Oslo, Jaipur or Balmoral, dotting the jacket lining of funny journey memories. Actors of their singular and delicious style, where everything gets involved, disentangles (solves) itself, incurs and seduces, our men are inspired of unsheathes “city workers” immortalized by Irving Penn in the brilliant “Small Trade”, of the gallant elegance of Duke of Windsor, author of the famous homonymous knot tie or of bitter beauty of a water salesman crossed in the bend of a Moroccan souk. Ceaselessly, they invent; a sweater of Highlander Norwegian on a patched carpenter pants, a sailor’s jacket dye in nut rind’s colour and embroidered as an original Indian Dothi, a short pelisse of Afghan Astrakhan. Everything fascinates them, here, a shirt from a Parisian painter of posters, or that one with moleskine slevees, there, a very adjusted fencing jacket, as on August Sander’s images. Crazy about surplus, they enjoy it and embroider on their bags and military pea jackets the eagles that we see migrating, the winter, in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, encircle their aviator’s coverall “jumpsuit” with a English’s club tie and slide roguishly, under their dandy’s impeccable suits, funniest waistcoat illuminated in the style of the carmine hats of the New York “Guardian Angels” from the 80s.