Basil Soda Couture Spring-summer 2012

For his Spring Summer 2012 Couture collection, Basil Soda decided to break out the microscope for a more romantic view of decoration. Building on his naturists themes from the previous two seasons Basil decides to take his organic style a step deeper in scope. Seemingly simple closely tailored shapes reveal delicate feathering resembling the breast of a falcon. Gently peeling apart the feathers reveals a whole new world of construction as if we examined the material under a microscope. These new layers reveal a complicated molecular construction in the rich tradition of Haute Couture, as if Basil decided to deconstruct and rebuild the decoration from scratch, from the shadows of a Couture Archive.   Strands of carefully assembled dentelle are delicately pieced together and then twisted and arranged yielding organic, sensitive and delicate patterns. Tops of dresses are decorated with straw-like strands of silk sting banded together and antiqued gold metallic twigs, paired with petite grey crystal buds. An unadorned silk web fabric acts as an outer skin that is carefully pealed back in places to reveal the intricately decorated inner body of the dress as if we peered beneath our own skin.

Well tailored, subtly decorated dress tops give way to flowing light layers of wonderfully silky dentelle and pleated georgette Pale palettes of pink, flesh tones, light grey and white and punctuated by sunflower yellow, cinnamon.