Antoine Peters

Antoine Peters Ready-to-Wear “I’m with stupid”, F/W 2009-2010 Photos: Peter Stigter (web)

The collection refers to the humorous insult which is best known printed on novelty T-shirts, expressing that a person in the direction of an arrow is ’stupid’. Together with the lack of self-mockery this inspired a collection full off ’plays with directions’ in fabric-draping, pattern-cutting, print-design and fast (negative) judgements. Antoine Peters asked the question: “Isn’t everybody (with) stupid?”

The airyness of concept, and literally in the clothes itself, is emphasised by arrows which are visible in print-design and styling. However, these arrows are also a substantial part of the construction, silhouettes and details within the clothes, which isn’t visible (at first sight). The collection was completed with boots that were special made for the collection by means of a special cooperation with United Nude.