Antoine Peters Ready-to-Wear “Le Petit Antoine”, S/S 2008 Amsterdam International Fashion Week
Photos: Peter Stigter

“Everyone grows up. Everyone grows out of the clothes that have become too small. But at the same time I want to stay young. I want to stay naieve, playfull and wanna hide in clothes that are still far too big. I want to stay young at heart. During this collection we all ’grow up’ a little. We all start with this far too large sweater and have grown out of it at the end. But have we really? The collection tells about my dreams, ambitions and ideals. It has all to do with a world were nothing can be taken for granted. For who says you’ve left something behind? Or who says you’ve outgrown something?

This collection consists out of clothes that are still too big or already became far too small, BUT you can wear them anyway! Shrunken or blown up clothes are made wearable by integrating, becoming new silhouettes, becoming details, becoming accessories, becoming a print or even by dissapearing (‘the T-less T-shirt’). All garments are based upon THE classics in the eyes of Antoine - the T, the jeans and the sweater - and are injected with a chique twist. A playfull yet elegant femininity.

Where it all comes from? I capture my unlimited world of dreams and ideas in little books that I carry around. On the cover I always title them: ‘Le petit Antoine’.”