Forests’ mystery folds Tony Ward Haute Couture F/W 2019-2020
Diala Aschkar, Art Director at Orient Palms, France

Forests’ mystery folds

Tony Ward Haute Couture F/W 2019-2020

Tony Ward presented his sumptuous Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2019/2020 fashion show at the Intercontinental Paris Le Grand hotel. The collection was inspired by a surprising theme, an ancient and mystical creature that inhabits the woods: the mushroom! It translated into eccentric shapes, structures and folds that looked both original and grandiose. Tens of thousands of organza layers were pleated in all sorts of techniques, - even 3D printing - to create poetic and theatrical gowns in colors ranging from deep red, white, beige, walnut and cerulean blue.

A series of vibrant red gowns started the show, with a first statement gown all fluffy at the shoulders and skirt, with clinched waist. It was followed by a breathtaking red ensemble of organza fil-coupé jacket, contrasting with a sharp deep-V neckline.

The serie of blue gowns was as impressive as the red ones. Below, this A-cut dress is highlighted through the wrinkled fil coupé shoulder that slowly merges throughout the bodice and blends in with the Silk Gazar skirt.

Looking otherworldly, this 3D printed white dress — with biodegradable material — is embroidered with tulle to hold the seemingly hovering structure.

One of my favorite looks is this beige short dress with a voluminous shoulder pleating and full beading!

Like mushrooms on a tree trunk, discontinued beaded pleats seem to grow on these mermaid dresses.

  • ©ImaxTree

Elegance transcends from this masterpiece neckline of layered silk organza that is repeated on the bottom-line of the mermaid dress. The embroidered mushroom motif adds to its originality.

Statement necklines again! Delicate and airy in silk organza this time, on an off-white mermaid dress in Moroccan silk. To the right, the silk organza dress looks like a night gown for royalty with its puffy empire shoulders, beadings and gorgeous V-neckline.

Seen from the side, the sleeves seem like elegant champignon caps.

The brown series carried us further into the mysterious forests’ undergrowth and its various textures of wood, leaves and foam.

This asymmetrical Jacquard cloqué dress with a stiff drappé neckline is simply dazzling.

The walnut midi dress below subtly progresses from a silk thread-applique-made bodice to a multi-layered silk organza skirt.

This "Sea of beige", as I like to call it, was made of more than 60 meters of silk organza, carefully and gradually manipulated into different types of foamy pleats.

The clinched waist anchors the feminine silhouette.

The bride would have looked like a ballet dancer with her Swarovski beaded corset extending into a "tutu" shape if it wasn’t for the spherical skirt underneath that took more than 500 meters of organza and Mikado silk layering. A tilted hat made of 3D-printed fibers holds a fluffy tulle veil which anarchic organic shape goes well with the theme of this collection.