Festive grace Georges Chakra Couture Spring Summer 2017
Diala Aschkar, Art Director at Orient Palms, France & Rana Bou Saada

Festive grace

Georges Chakra Couture Spring Summer 2017

If you would like to instantly attend a joyous, high-end wedding celebration, just contemplate Georges Chakra’s Couture Spring Summer 2017 collection! Inspired by his daughter’s intended wedding, Chakra beautifully creates the impression of a modern, refined procession. He pampers not only his bride, but rather all female attendees. Confetti highlights the ceremony’s gaiety. Bridesmaids are numerous, but each of them is unique. As for the guests, they are offered flawless romantic gowns, with clear, contemporary cuts for some and fluid, filmy ones for others. With their delicate cuts and soft, dawn colors, the following designs will leave you yearning for the upcoming wedding season.

Let us embark on our bridal journey with some positive rose! Daisies, miniature beads and rose… there is no better way to express romantic femininity. The second transparent and strapless dress adopts a similar theme with its flowers’ pattern, and looks ethereal with transparencies.

All in lace frills and embroidered pink flowers this dress is perfectly convenient for civil ceremonies.

These dresses are so joyful and youthful, that the supposedly guests who are wearing them are transformed into girly brides to be.

While the first dress is colored with a uniform light purple, it has a singular and lively asymmetric structure.

Lilac flowers lend both their color and shape to the second dress.

The following dresses – especially the left one – portray La La Land movie’s City of Stars! Their laser origami cut-outs resemble a cityscape, one that mystically moves whenever the model walks. Since there is no city without lights, Chakra incorporated beads to the lilac dress to illuminate his urban masterpiece!

If you find carrying a bouquet too common, you can wear it just like the first and third bridesmaids below did! The middle one is not any less contemporary, with her modern ruffles and beaded confetti.

These guests are so lively, even their dresses have a distinguished movement, thanks to Chakra’s artistic folding and cuts! He has not only elegantly printed flowers on his white dresses, but also modeled one on the right model’s waist.

This dress echoes spring’s exuberant mood with its two layers of hand painted flowers, the second with acrylic embossing, adding an additional shining layer.

The bride may have just landed from a euphoric cloud, with her ruffles, sequins and confetti veil.

With their dresses’ cut, ribbon belts and tulles, these bridesmaids can participate in a heavenly ballet performance.

Despite their dreamy embroidered flowers and daisies (picked from the same garden as those adorning our first dress), these bridesmaids wear modern sandals, adding a bold edge to their ballerinas’ style.

Fairytale princesses have also attended the wedding. We immensely love their shoulders’ cut, but also the feathers of the first one and the pastel radiant flowers of the second.

Finally, if you are looking for a natural motif other than flowers to adorn your dress, why not try wood?! A wooden belt like the left one can stylishly highlight your waist. The tulles – with their flowers on one hand and confetti dots and leaves on the other – guarantee an out-of-this-world halo impression.