Four Albums That Will Make 2017 Bearable
Mona Issa

Four Albums That Will Make 2017 Bearable


Ed Sheeran – ÷ (Divide)

You can never miss the steamy sincerity in Ed’s voice and the drive of emotion through the story lines in his songs. Unlike previous albums, Divide adds in faster beats which delves his music into a more mainstream taste, keeping the true element of his art intact. Divide portrays a more sensual, physical vibe in lyric and tune. This time, Ed goes for a more attractive taste in his music. 


Coldplay – Kaleidoscope

Coldplay - Glastonbury 2016
Picture (CC) by Guy Hurst

Reciprocal with the album’s name, Kaleidoscope is the psychedelic experience in music. With their lucid imagination and fantasy, Coldplay never fails to show us there are more colors, dimensions and tastes to musical languor. Kaleidoscope, just like many of their albums, is for the happy and the melancholic – an escape from reality.


The xx – I See You

This album has the type of music you’d bust in the car while you’re cruising down a highway with your crush on a Tuesday night. The lyrics seduce and the beats halluce us into our own little world of dreams. "Lips" and "Say Something Loving" are a must-listen.


John Mayer – The Search for Everything

Mayer’s blue harmonies and hopeless romantic vibes make us jealous of his muse, whoever that may be. The Search For Everything is a collection of serenades intended to swerve us into our own versions of romance and love stories. Like many artists, John Mayer attempts to adjoin post-modern genre with his music, without abandoning his authenticity and style.