Bassam Fattouh

A pioneer of the Makeup World

Rana Bou Saada

Bassam Fattouh is an acclaimed make-up artist, especially amongst the stars and high-profile women of the Middle East. He conversed with Orient Palms about his personal journey and the do’s and don’ts of makeup.

Fattouh describes himself with these simple words: “Beauty is everywhere. Being an artist, I am able to capture it…

As a celebrated artist of the makeup world, his journey began long ago. Ever since he was a child, Fattouh appreciated art in its different aspects. From the captivating glamour to the meticulous details, decoration, fashion… and creativity in general held a special place in Fattouh’s heart.

Having such a passion for the artistic world, it wasn’t surprising of him to pursue the path of a makeup artist. Thus, he chose to fine-tune his talent by studying cosmetology and aesthetics at the Paris Carita Beauty Institute, in France. Later on, he opened his first institute in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1997.

Fattouh succeeded in establishing himself as a pioneer of both the artistic and business aspects of the makeup field. He was the “first makeup artist to launch a full-blown advertising campaign in the region,” and also the first one to “go against the classical shades that dominated” at that time and adopt more daring colors.

On passion, talent and inspiration…

Today, Fattouh is renowned for his collaborations with several of the most prominent public figures of the Arab world. He has worked with famous singers such as Haifa Wehbe, Elissa, Najwa Karam; and TV presenters amongst which, Mona Abou Hamze and Jessica Azar.

Fattouh asserts that it is his “passion and talent” that helped him become the artist he is today. There is no doubt that makeup is much more than a simple profession for him when “the happiness and confidence [he] witnesses in [his] clients’ eyes” are his favorite thing about makeup!

After an extensive experience of working with different facial shapes and features, Fattouh finds that makeup evolves with every woman. There are no standards that can work for everyone, as he analyses each and every face he encounters in his work, thinks of the look he will go for and envisions the end result. However, he has a celebrated and unique signature look, which he describes in one word: “glamorous.”

Fattouh is inspired by everyone he works with and everything around him; from fashion, fabrics and shoes to styles and nature. “It’s all about fantasy,” he comments.

Bassam Fattouh cosmetics line

Both of Fattouh’s most prized accomplishment and biggest career challenge evolve around his signature cosmetics range, Bassam Fattouh Cosmetics, launched in 2010. He confirms that for an artist passionate about beauty and striving to reach international status, launching his own line could pave the road for an immense success. Furthermore, he aims to present through his line “the best advice for women seeking the best in the beauty world”.

His line includes various makeup items, amongst which the bestseller Haifa’s lips. Fattouh was asked in numerous interviews about the lipstick shade he uses for the famous singer. Thus, he mixed the different shades that he usually applies on her lips and named the lipstick shade and gloss after her.

However, he personally loves each and every one of his products as he has created them all with passion and authenticity. “My line is my baby!” he confirms.

He also notes that the BFC has only succeeded through hard work and professional research. He promises that his success will not stop here, as he will continue to launch new products and develop singular innovations. In fact, it is only a few weeks ago, on the 8th of December that he launched his latest liquid lipstick collection Velour à Lèvres.

The BFC can be purchased at numerous sales points across the Middle East and Gulf region, and through Fattouh’s online shop.

Learn from the best!

Fattouh has generously shared his “makeup wisdom” with Orient Palms, commenting on the latest trends, must-have items and most common mistakes.

He considers matte lipsticks, matte blushes and a glowing skin as his favorite Fall/Winter 2016/2017 beauty trends. Furthermore, he warns women against blending their makeup, a mistake most of them make. He advises them instead to melt it into their skin with the best possible adherence, using the convenient brushes and accessories.

Fattouh also believes that applying a brighter lipstick, black kohl and highlighter on the cheeks can easily transform a working day look into a night-out one. Lipstick is indeed so important for Fattouh, that he thinks it could have the same effect of a face lift. It should even be the staple in almost all women’s purses.

However, it may not be the must-have item for every woman, as this depends on her skin tone and her look. While some women benefit from retouching their mascara, others need to add some concealer or powder to enhance their appearance.

The items no woman should leave home without are also relative, according to Fattouh. Nonetheless, Middle Eastern ladies mostly need some lipstick, powder foundation and black kohl.

Every woman is already beautiful in her own way,” notes Fattouh. But looking beautiful can make her feel beautiful and thus get her more noticed and appreciated. “As her confidence grows, so does the respect she receives at work, at home, everywhere.” For Fattouh, the right look can help a woman get rid of her insecurities and become more daring, self assured and courageous. “She will feel that she can do anything. Her life improves in every way,” he concludes.