Margherita Accessories Spring-summer 2011 Photos: Karen and Josette Starch Foundation

“Columbus said the world is round? Don’t you believe a word of that. […] I can tell you, boys and girls, the world is FLAT!” Shel Silverstein ‘Smock Pack 10/11’ is inspired by the idea of evolution from flatness to volume. It is an exploration of how a 3-dimentional object is born from a 2-dimentional material.

It began with extensive research and experimentation with origami, fabric manipulation, folding and packaging structures. The result was a combination of applying the traditional technique of smocking and pairing it with structured folding systems inspired from modern day packaging. This gave birth to bold shapes with contrastingly fluid surfaces.

The collection consists of 6 bags handmade from leather, metal, custom wood handles and cotton lining. Each unique bag’s earthy tones of leather and wood are contrasted with the vibrant hues of its fabric interior. Also echoing the concept are 2 rings made from silver and brass, molded into geometrical frames that enfold pieces of pleated leather.