Vaishali S Innovating from tradition
Diala Aschkar, Art Director at Orient Palms, France

Vaishali S

Innovating from tradition

This Indian Haute Couture house is mesmerizing the world with its elegant silhouettes and distinct design ethos deeply rooted in traditional Indian hand-weaving, intricate draping, and innovative rope-weaving techniques. The brand’s upcoming show at the prestigious Paris Fashion Week this January is highly anticipated, promising an awe-inspiring display of creativity and innovation!

Renowned for its unparalleled expertise and a proclivity for seamlessly merging diverse materials, the house stands as a vanguard in redefining ingrained traditions. Its designs’ fluid lines and organic shapes evoke the essence of natural energy, crafting exquisite and unparalleled silhouettes.

  • The designer, Vaishali Shadangule.
  • The designer, Vaishali Shadangule.

Apart from its original aesthetics, Vaishali ardently champions sustainability and social responsibility by empowering women from remote Indian villages, uplifting numerous families through engagement. Notably, the brand meticulously utilizes every thread, minimizing waste through ingenious repurposing of leftovers for both accessories and home interiors.

Our collaborator Cynthia El Khazen interviewed the designer:

Cynthia El Khazen: What are your latest inspirations, especially for your upcoming Couture collection? Without revealing the theme...

Vaishali Shadangule: Nature has always been my enduring inspiration. My journey towards a deeper connection with nature is an ongoing, seamless evolution. Exploring new places and embracing novel experiences continuously pushes the boundaries, oscillating between periods that vividly depict and those that abstractly interpret. If I were to pinpoint a recent constant thread, it would be my exploration and immersion in a diverse spectrum of colors.

CEK: You’ve already pioneered mixing fabrics, materials, and weaving techniques. Are you open to incorporating new methods in your Indian Atelier? Which region of India ignites your inspiration the most, and which Indian women have inspired you?

VS: Absolutely, I’m consistently exploring new techniques! My aim is to globalize and preserve fading hand-weaving techniques from India. While Haute Couture serves as a platform for utilizing some techniques, others pose greater challenges. Presently, I’m engaged with artisans from 7 Indian states, experimenting with a few more. Every region and every woman in India exudes inspiration for me.

CEK: Did your European trips offer any particular inspiration? And what message do you have for European women?

VS: Nature in Europe, distinct yet equally inspiring, resonates with me. Interestingly, I found elements in European landscapes that I had previously envisaged in my designs—almost uncanny. Europe has inspired me with its emphasis on quality and meticulous attention to detail. To European women, I’d convey the importance of discovering the beauty, comfort, and social significance of handwoven fabrics.

CEK: You’ve already been featured in the official Haute Couture calendar in Paris. Why do you still aspire to be part of this calendar?

VS: Being a part of the Haute Couture calendar propels one to continually benchmark against the world’s finest, inviting comparisons and evaluations at the highest level. I firmly believe it’s incredibly stimulating, fostering a drive to improve daily across all aspects, not solely limited to creativity.