Evenings in Black Couture A selection of 18 gowns from Haute Couture
Diala Aschkar, Art Director at Orient Palms, France & Rana Bou Saada

Evenings in Black Couture

A selection of 18 gowns from Haute Couture

A black haute couture dress celebrates glamour, highlights sensuality and redefines sophistication that are perfect for a Gala gown, a red carpet outfit or a New Year’s Eve look. You will certainly be inspired by this selection of black attires, respectively designed by Alexandre Vauthier, Ralph & Russo, Versace, Elie Saab, Dior, Yulia Yanina, Armani and Zuhair Murad.

From her sexy fishnets’ tights to her daring high slit, Alexandre Vauthier’s woman is simply the ultimate femme fatale. Belts play a vital role in this collection, as the leather corset of the look on the left is extended into an oversized knot, heightening the model’s feminine silhouette.

The one-shoulder dress on the right bears an interesting resemblance to the left one. The metallic black texture and asymmetrical cut emphasize the assertiveness of the woman wearing it; while the satin dangling belt highlights her femininity.

From an enchanted forest, comes the dreamy and romantic woman of Ralph & Russo, wearing her ethereal and mystical gowns. The long silk organza skirt is completed with tulle ruffles contrasting with an almost bare black tulle top adorned with few golden feathers.

On the right, a skin-baring nymph walks in black tulle only covered by embroidered flowers in metallic thread and butterflies that seem to have landed on her. A corset structure rendered to its bare minimum defines the waist and the chest.

Atelier Versace succeeds in merging control and fluidity in this beautiful satin duchess dress, worn by model Irina Shayk. The sophisticated twists and wraps on the waist and neck contrast with the loose feel of a shoulder fold and the flowy volume of the skirt. Interesting to note the light blue color reoccurs in Shayk’s graphical cat eyes make-up, neck cut and heels.


The beauty of Elie Saab’s dresses resides in their fine details. The long split guipure dress is beaded with golden birds, crystal stones and silk threads, while its asymmetric neck cut is adorned with an extravagant bird brooch set in sequins, crustal stones and feathers. Its matt belt contrasts well with its glimmering dominance, highlighting the waist of the model.

Saab brilliantly combines silk threads, sequins and ostrich feathers on the second tulle dress. With its elaborate embroideries, daring V cut and feather jacket, this dress cannot pass unnoticed.

These Dior outfits remind us of the 1947 New Look Bar jacket and crinoline skirt. Minimalist, midi and worn with flat sandals, they echo the style of the Spanish rural folklore. The first one on the left, flared and simple, is skillfully twisted with a daring shoulders’ cut.

The second, worn by Bella Hadid, is mostly noticeable for its chic embroideries, V neck and puff shoulders.

As for the last one on the right, it gracefully manages to encompass intricate draping, asymmetric shoulders’ cut and loose tulle. White imprinted shells brighten up its dark color.

As the peacock theme is recurrent in Yulia Yanina’s collection, it is not surprising for the woman who wears it to resemble the bird in its confidence and elegance. A black peacock opens his tail up on the model’s chest in the left dress. The lower part is an elegant satin skirt, while the sleeves are creatively designed with thick layers of black tulle.

The peacock’s train is reversed in the second short dress, as it is directed downwards. Simple yet classy, this dress’s design mostly consists of the tail’s black drops.

The Armani Privé dresses bear an uncanny resemblance. They are both made of velvet, have a deep V cut and a noticeable trail. However, the first one has a play on pattern as its is lightened by Swarovski crystals placed in a plaid shape, while the second has geometric shoulders and an embroidered line from top to bottom to stress the verticality of the silhouette. The black and silver earrings add an edgy touch to the otherwise simple looks

Zuhair Murad celebrates the bohemian uniqueness with his black gowns. Ruffles add a lively feel to the elegant and classical Chantilly lace of the jumpsuit on the left.

As for the dress on the right, it resembles a romantic painting where tulle, velvet and pearls rightfully reunite. The flared sleeves and chest cut emphasize the gown’s stylishness.

The impact of the outfits’ accessories is as remarkable as the gowns themselves. The black hats undoubtedly create a mysterious feel, while the wide belts serve to fashionably tighten flowy volumes. The high collar, flared dress is made of classy crepe georgette and adorned with appliqués on its back and sleeves.

The netted dress on the right is embellished with intricate embroideries, complemented with a purposefully majestic royal black velvet cape.

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