Eva & Claudi

Eva & Claudi

Unorthodox design is a hallmark of design firm eva & claudi. In this spirit the two designers behind the brand have created a fast-growing business that is now reaching quality-conscious women in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Holland and the USA. Women of all ages who dare to be different and want to be seen.

The aim is to put pictures to femininity. To elegance. To let what is bubbling under break through. To shock and please with collections that have raw feminism as their leitmotif.

Uncompromising quality combined with the desire to stand out from the crowd. An ambition that finds expression in surprising details and materials that transcend boundaries in terms of colour, pattern and composition. Right from the start in 1991 the designers have paid homage to the individual and innovative, and occupied a niche in the Danish design industry - ready-made knitwear combined with exclusive materials such as silk, fur and fabrics with embroidery and printing.