Hellenestic mystic Georges Hobeika, S/S 2018
Diala Aschkar, Art Director at Orient Palms, France

Hellenestic mystic

Georges Hobeika, S/S 2018

Refined, sensual, feminine... Georges Hobeika’s Greek goddesses bring antiquity to the catwalk, but with the modern touch that defines Hobeika’ work. His Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2018 fashion is inspired by the Hellenistic heritage, its art and myths which the Lebanese designer sublimates with his sense of luxury and his signature flowers and leaves motifs. The procession of these "modern goddesses" reveals symbols and motifs usually found on sculpted friezes, ionic columns, Greek baths and antique ceramics.

No wonder that the collection’s color palette varies from earth tones to bronze with a few pastels here and there, marbles of white, pearly grey and light blue.

Some dazzling flowy dresses remind of the Aegean Sea’s green and glittery silver and gold colors. The fluidity of the draperies evokes sea waves in their movement. The silhouettes are vaporous and sexy with transparencies, high slits, crystals and shiny beads, winged belts and broochs.

One of my favorite in this green series is this majestic tulle dress.

All the accessories complete well the Greek theme, from the variety of Olympic laurel wreaths crowning the models’ coiffuring, to the fascinating wings earrings, gilded bracelets or the intricately beaded leather bags. Stilettos are complimented on the lower leg with bracelets and leather strips, recalling antique lace-up sandals.

The show opens with the lion symbol, a symbol of power — maybe Heracles beating the lion.

These tulle ensemble and lace short dress showcase a wings symbol evoking the famous "Winged Victory of Samothrace" which is a sculpture representing Nike the Greek goddess of victory. Again, an empowering symbol.

The one-shoulder silk dress is breathtaking. The top has beaded lines and winged crystal broochs that seem to "fly" upward towards one shoulder. The mermaid white dress in crêpe has a design that recalls antique Greek fashion. The fallen gold and silver leaves echo the leaning petal sleeves.

Here comes a vision of antiquity in a floor-sweeping deep red dress, with shawl sleeves, a flying silk muslin cape, and an embroidered beaded sun-face. The strapless raspberry red dress in tulle has a more modern air. The motifs are a mixture of flowers, spider web, wings and geometric lines.

On a first glance this spectacularly sensual dress with a floor-sweeping trail channels the goddess type. At a closer look we notice the modern blend of different motifs: labyrinthine meanders, wings, laurel wreaths and flower motifs.

A refreshing modern short dress in pink silk with sequins and laser-cut leather. The sophisticated design present a cape-like top, geometric structural lines, intricate hem beading like a temple frieze.

The mermaid or the princess? Theses two different versions of goddesses in blue and silver display the exquisite refinement of Hobeika’s savoir-faire. The revealing mermaid dress is entirely beaded creating a second skin on the model, and the princess-like dress is a vision of royalty.

The arched laurel branches crowning the head complement well this Greek-style dress in silk tulle and bronze beads.

Playing on layering, a beaded lace dress suggests itself underneath a tulle dress studded with crystals and sequins.

This voluptuous design in skin colored silk tulle and golden sequins looks like a caryatid — a Greek statue of a woman holding a temple.

The bride resembles a deity from the forest in pinkish beige silk tulle with "petals" as a skirt, all covered with branchs of crystals and sequins, the same branchs creating a crown holding the veil.